About the School



Majuli Island Hummingbird School, Kulamua, is a primary school providing education to around 110 students in rural Assam. The school is located in Majuli island that is surrounded by Brahmaputra. Floods are an every year occurrence and developmental activities even if initiated don’t last long.

Urged by villagers from more backward villages to open a school, Bipin Dhane, now its Principal, started Hummingbird School on 16 January 2017. Thirteen villages from the area came together to help in every possible way. The school land has been donated by a local villager with a simple request to open a good school. All the bamboo (around 500 bamboos) were donated by the villagers for the school. The wood used for the desk-bench, tables and the school building was donated by the villagers. Even the soil used to raise the building’s height was given by villagers. The construction work was done entirely by the villagers. All the humming birds came together to make this school a reality.

The education of forty students has been sponsored by Sunbird trust of Mr. Chris Rego.

Currently, the school provides hostel facilities to 30 students free of cost. Most of the parents can’t afford even a pair of clothes for their children. Under such conditions the school has to provide everything. There are hundreds of such children who don’t go to school at all. Hummingbird School wishes to provide education to each child in the surrounding villages who cannot afford one.


The aims of this school are to:

  • Educate children in such a way that they can compete with other students learning in cities and find a place in institutions like the IITs, AIIMS, JNU.
  • Provide hostel facilities to children who are orphans, half-orphans or those who belong to neglected households.
  • The school will also work as a centre of community development to better the livelihood of the tribal people of Majuli.



Total Number of students: 108

Boys: 58       Girls: 50


Classes: Lkg, Ukg, I, II, III


Total number of students with sponsored education: 40

Boys: 17 Girls: 23


Students with Hostel facility: 25


Boys: 9 Girls: 16